EMLYNC ERP Custom Designed Enterprise Solutions for Empowering Business Goals.
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With the rising demand for enterprise functions and their innovative solutions, Kuwait Technologies take pride in its ability to administer customized enterprise I.T. solutions which would minimize operational costs, enhance business capabilities and maintain company profitability through integrated automation in organizational processes

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Accelerate Business Objectives with EMLYNC
01.Cloud based Database System

Synchronizing business operations across different platforms in a hassle-free manner to enable real-time interchange of information.

02.Employee Self-service System

Allowing employees to connect with company HR via mobile devices and handle all kinds of work-related issues.

03.Customized Report Generation

Developing reports in a customized manner which would lead to enhanced productivity.

04.Multi Platforms

With easy application loading and data usage, users can experience fast transition in multi platforms.

EMLYNC ERP Core Modules

Enabling the clients to enjoy easy online payment options, electronic signature features, subscription management and e-bay integrated facilities.


Clients can easily control their business invoice and reception, keep a track of purchased tenders and maintain minimum stock rule.


Focusing on enhanced customer support with LIVE chat options, email integration, third party management, and handling of leads.


Ensuring proper planning of production schemes with special focus on updated stock items, production equipment and strategies.

Ware House

Management and maintenance of inventory, scheduling of costs, and worksheets and ensuring multi-level BOM’s.


Keeping a track on the quality of production to allow clients to deliver high-quality results to their customers.


improve quality of finance reports and statements. Controll finance efficiently with EMLYNC ERP


Advance Point of Sale System helps you to speedup you billing and increase your satisfied customers


Full controll over vehicle tracking with Integrated GPS Devices & and also track shipments instantly


Get Instant notifications even if you are in home, Dynamic Notification and Altert Systems Integrated


Let your employee apply leave from the workplace through Self-service, Dont waste a man hour to apply leave


Minimize your machine downtime with EMLYNC's , Change spareparts before expry to avoid production downtime